Our Story

Thank you for choosing Desert Baby Goods. Get to know my family a little! Desert baby Goods started off with the help of an entrepreneur minded husband and the heart of a mother. Raising 3 children together in the Arizona desert. Both growing up as the oldest in large 10+ kids families we saw our mothers work hard to get the best for their kids. We saw what products worked and what didn’t. We also saw the importance of having affordable products. EVERY mom should have access to much-needed baby goods and we want to give you that. Making them trendy products is just a PLUS! That’s also why we offer affordable products and shipping. We would love to hear your input as a mother in what products you would like to see. We want to thrive to provide the best products for our customers and push ourselves to be the best. To go above and beyond just how our parents did for us. Follow along on our Instagram!